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We’re pleased to say we can now offer our bikes through Cycle to Work schemes.

All cycle to work schemes involve a lease agreement between an employer and their employee.

Depending on the cycle to work scheme provider, the employer buys a voucher from the provider to cover the purchase of a bike and leases it to an employee over a fixed period of time during which time the employee makes salary sacrifices and receives tax relief on their payments. 

Cycle to work scheme providers all charge commission;  e.g. 5% by GCI, 10% by CycleScheme, of the value of the voucher. As our margins are tight, this cost is added to the cost of the bike. Commission amounts below:

GCI - 5%

Cyclescheme - 10%

Cycle Solutions - 12%

Bike2Work - 10%

Cycle2Work (Halfords / Sodexo) - 15%


Please click below for more info

Cycle2Work_Logo (1).png

Please email if you have any questions

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