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The Kibo Rohloff Disc frame is hand built in the UK using the strongest gauge of the quality air-hardened British Reynolds 631 steel for the main triangle.  The chainstays are also 631 as are the fork blades.

Over the last 20 years steel has progressed from cheaper chromoly such as the base level Reynolds 525. Reynolds 631 is significantly stronger which is essential for an an expedition bike such as the Kibo.


We also heat treat the steerer tube from the fork - in fact Reynolds do this for us and noone else - we do this as we know from frame testing that the steerer tube undergoes a lot of stress, particularly on rough ground with loaded panniers. It's this attention to detail that sets us apart. The frame is also double butted for extra strength at the joins. 


We also use lugs, proven to be the strongest form of frame join. In terms of looks, nothing quite compares to lugs for that handmade frame aesthetic.

We do two versions, one for an ahead stem with a 1 1/8" threadless steerer and the other with a 1" threaded steerer for a quill stem. As all of our frames are made to order we can have sloping or horizontal top tubes on either. We also do a step through version.

The Rohloff OEM sliding dropouts are stainless steel (this is essential on a sliding dropout) with Rohloff specific sliding inserts. Specific Rohloff cable routing is brazed onto the frame.

If you're opting for a Gates Carbon Belt Drive then we use Paragon sliding stainless rear dropouts with a split to enable installation of the belt.

Why steel? This is an expedition bike so there's only one material suitable for the frame and forks and that's steel. Wherever you are in the world steel frames can be fixed more easily (in the unlikely event that it needs welding...) and on a rigid bike the steel provides a more comfortable ride.


As all of our frames are made to order we will customise the seat tube and top tube lengths to best fit you, either visit us for a fitting or send us your measurements - click here for more info

For heavier riders we can tweak the tube diameters/thicknesses, please get in touch if you'd like to discuss this click here for more info

Bottom Bracket - 68mm British Thread (BS).

For sizing click here


N.B. The Kibo Rohloff Disc is only available to purchase as a complete bike

Lugged frame
Lugged fork in Reynolds 631 steel with low rider pannier bosses
Lugged frame with black powder coat finish
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