Here is an illustration of the 19" Kibo with an ahead stem. We cut the steerer tube at circa 130mm above the headset but let us know if you would prefer this to be lower, or even higher.


For a height of 5' 0" we have estimated an inside leg measurement of 686cm (27") and a saddle height of 606mm.


It will be worthwhile measuring your inside leg measurement - if it's longer than 27.5" than it's likely the saddle will need to be higher than that shown in the image. To do this 1. Get a book and stand with your back against the wall, 2. Place the book in between your legs as high as it will go, 3. Move away from the wall keeping the book against the wall and finally, 4. measure from the top of the book to the floor. It will also be useful to measure the saddle height (bottom bracket centre to the top of the saddle) on your current bike and compare it against the illustrations.

If you would like a specific illustration showing your current saddle height (measured from bottom bracket to top of saddle) or based on your inside leg measurement, then click here to send us your measurements in mm and the frame size(s) you are interested in and we will create it and email it to you. 

Custom geometry - We can also customise the geometry to suit you. You can either visit us for a measure and fit, or by sending us some key measurements we can design your custom Kibo.