Bar upgrades for your Kibo Dirt Drop

Bar upgrades for your Kibo Dirt Drop


If you'd like to upgrade from our Nitto Dirt Drop bars, here are a coiple of alternative drop bars with a greater flare for control and comfort.


The Salsa Woodchipper and the Ritchey WCX VentureMax

  • Some further information on the bar upgrade options for your Kibo Dirt Drop:

    Salsa Woodchipper

    Woodchipper is Salsa’s signature drop bar for off road riding, where its unique shape delivers comfort and control no matter how rough the terrain. Woodchipper Bars bend along three planes to create extra-wide lowers while still maintaining a shallow drop.

    - Lightweight and strong 6061-T6 aluminum alloy construction
    - Ergonomic design works well with integrated road shift/brake levers or bar end shifters
    - 114mm drop, 56mm reach, 25° flare angle, 38° drop angle
    - Available in 42, 44, and 46cm widths
    - 31.8mm clamp diameter with 120mm width for use with Salsa Anything Cradle and aerobars
    - The Woodchipper’s non-conventional shape requires a unique setup for optimal comfort. The brake/shifter position should be canted downward slightly, resulting in a 20–25° downward angle of the drops.

    Ritchey WCS Venturemax

    It’s all in the name; this handlebar is made for adventure.

    The Ritchey World Championship Series VentureMax is just as applicable on a cross-country tour as on cross country singletrack. It’s available in 40, 42, 44 and 46cm widths (measured centre to centre where the levers mount).
    Intended to ride wider than typical drop bars, the Ritchey WCS VentureMax is measured at the initial bend rather than at the hood.
    While it boasts a number of attributes including multiple hand positions, it’s the return of the Bio-bend in the drop that adds to the signature look and feel of this bar.

    Triple-butted 7050 alloy
    • Available in 40, 42, 44 & 46cm widths
    • Measured Centre-to-Centre where the levers mount
    • 295g (44cm)
    • 31.8mm centre section
    • Drop 102mm
    • Reach 76mm
    • Evo sweep of 6 degrees
    • 24 degrees of flare
    • Ergo bio-bend
    • Compatible with all hood types
    • Finish Blatte (Matte Black)



    N.B. all these bars are only available to purchase as an upgrade when buying a Kibo Dirt Drop and not available for general purchase