Disc brake option for your Kibo

Disc brake option for your Kibo


The Kibo is fitted with rim brakes as standard, a choice of cantilevers or V-brakes.


As we've been asked quite often, we now are offering the option for disc brakes on your Kibo - TRP Spykes mechanical dual piston actuation


N.B. these can only be ordered as an option when buying a Kibo bike and are not available for general purchase

  • The cost includes disc speficic rear dropouts, disc mount on the fork, disc specific 631 fork blades, disc specific Shimano XT 36 hole hubs, TRP Spyke calipers, 180 front rotor & 160 rear rotor and TRP compressionless cables.

    The Spyke is excellent. Being mechanical means it’s easier to fix on the roadside than a hyrdraulic disc brake. 

    There are pro’s and cons to disc brakes v rim brakes. Starting with the plus points: The stopping power is better v a rim brake, and importantly they are more effective in wet and muddy conditions. These are big plus points for a touring bike with a heavy load. But it's important to be aware of the downsides before committing to the disc brake option:

    - It will be harder to find replacement parts in certain places around the world versus V brakes

     - We use disc specific fork blades which have thicker walls to minimise flex upon braking due to the increased forces on the blade. One downside of the reduced flex is increased stiffness which makes for a slightly harder ride versus the blades we use with the rim brakes.

     - Weight - we don’t see this as an issue as it’s marginal but we’re mentioning it as weight is important to some riders. The extra metal of the disc mounts plus rotors plus thicker fork blades does increase the weight

    On to the brakes themselves - TRP Spykes:

    The Spyke is a dual sided mechanical caliper where both pads actuate providing even and precise clamping force. This results in even pad wear and easy pad adjustment with the addition of a barrel adjuster. No longer is adjusting the whole caliper necessary as the pads wear. 

    Dual piston actuation
    Even pad wear
    Easy adjustment and set up
    Works with ALL long pull levers (i.e. used with V brakes)
    Ultra-grippy semi-metallic pad.

    The rotors are Shimano 180mm at the front and 160mm at the back.

    The hubs used will be Deore disc hubs.

    The rear disc mount will be on the chainstay to ensure it doesn't interfere with the rack.

    This upgrade cost includes the extra cost for the disc calipers, rotors and frame disc mounts/dropouts.

    N.B. These are not available for purchase without the bike, please only order these if buying a Kibo bike.