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Restrap front bags

Restrap front bags


Two Restrap front bags, one with 10 litre capacity, the other with 17 litre capacity


N.B. these are only available to purchase when buying a Stanforth bike and not available for general purchase

  • Bar Pack - 10 litres

    Ideal for graveladventures, the Bar Pack is the perfect all day companion. Two fully waterproof roll top compartments provide 10 litres of capacity with a hypalon closure, securing the front compartment and providing a mounting slot for a clip-on front light or additional strapping. A mini D-lock holster sits between the two compartments, with the front compartment closure doubling as a securing strap for a lock for any urban excursions.

    Structural rigidity is provided by an internal stiffener, a compact pack is guaranteed at all times due to the side-release tension and buckle system. An additional hard shell back provides further rigidity and a MOLLE adjustable headtube retention system guarantees a secure fit to your bike.

    Foam spacers and spring-loaded cam locks provide a stable and reliable attachment to your handlebars an elasticated drawcord provides perfect on-the go storage for gloves, jackets and other accessories.

    Handmade in our Yorkshire workshop from 100% waterproof textured nylon, with a nylon lining and finished with the classic vegan-friendly PU leather Restrap label.

    Bar bag - 17 litres

    The Bar Bag is an ideal and hassle free luggage solution for bikepacking, touring or commuting on road or gravel. With no rack, mounts or tools required, the bag attaches to any bike in seconds.

    Foam spacers and spring-loaded cam locks provide an easy and reliable attachment to your handlebars, whilst two lower retention straps wrap around the crown of the fork for added stability. Contains a magnetic pin system for add-on food pouch which holds up to 3 Litres.

    Hand made in our Yorkshire workshop, all bags are finished with the classic Restrap label, made from vegan-friendly PU.

    Capacity - 14L + 3L food pouch.

    Dry bag included

    N.B. these can only be purchased with a Stanforth bike, we don't sell them as a seperate purchase

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