Skyelander 650b optional braze-ons

Skyelander 650b optional braze-ons

There's a number of braze-ons which help form a randonneur bicycle - these include Compass centre-pull brake pivots, Compass CP1 rack tabs, a pump peg etc. In the product info we have detailed some of the options

Compass Centerpull brakes pivots
Rene Herse cable stops
Compass tail-light braze-on
Rubber Chainslap Strap
CP1 front rack tabs
Pump peg
  • Compass Centre pull braze-ons (4 pivots, 2 for each brake) - Centerpull brakes offer excellent brake power and modulation even in long-reach versions. Brazing the pivots to the frame eliminates the pivot support arch. This reduces the weight, improves the brake’s performance and makes it more elegant. The spring holder slides onto the boss and is brazed on. This creates a seamless, elegant appearance. 


    Rene Herse cable stops (2 on top tube + 1 on chainstay for rear derailleur) - Minimalist cable stops make a bike more elegant. With these stops the steel of the housing fits directly into the cable stop.The stops are slotted. That makes it easy to remove the cable.


    Chainstay strap - The French constructeurs mounted rubber straps on their chainstays to protect the finish. This is an exact reproduction of a classic “Champion” brand rubber strap.The rubber strap features holes in the ends for Herse-style mounting on a bent wire, and bulbs for Singer-style mounting in a slotted piece of tubing brazed to the chainstay.


    Compass tail light - If you will be using the Compass Taillight, then this is the braze-on required. The braze-on and threaded inner tube are designed to prevent the seatpost from coming down too far and shearing off the wire. When fitting a compass tail light braze on we would normally fit a reinforced hole on the underside of the down tube for the dynamo wire entry. The hole is 6mm wide for a grommet


    Compass Rack tabs - for CP1 front rack. They provide a better connection between rack and frame, which is less likely to rattle loose - 4.2 mm hole ready for M5 threading, short end. Made in USA


    Pump peg: on non-drive side seat stay. Please let us know the length of the pump, better still if we could have it for the build


    For other desired braze-ons send us an email