The 650b all-road tourer frameset.


The frames are hand built in the UK with either Reynolds 631 (525 stays & 631 forks), Reynolds 853 (+ 725 stays & 631 forks), or we now offer a full Compass Mule frameset with the Toei Special fork blades. 


We also have options for some nice finishing touches (go to the Skyelander upgrades to select these - - Compass tail-light boss, Compass centre-pull pivots, Compass Champion chainslap strap, Compass CP1 rack tabs

Stem/Steerer type
Main triangle tubing
  • The Skyelander 650b is a British made touring bike hand built by one of England’s top framebuilders, Lee Cooper.

    Think Randonneur, think Compass tyres, think brevet, think handlebar bag - this is the frame for that bike. But supremely well made.

    We have a number of tubing options for the main frame triangle - Reynolds 631, Reynolds 853 or the Compass Mule tubeset which we specially import from the US for each order. 

    For those who are looking for the low trail as specificied by Jan Heine, we can give the fork a 66m rake to give 39mm trail. Please note the bend will start higher up the blade with the 631 forks, but if you are looking for the low bend classic French style then we recommend you ordering the Mule tubeset with the Toei fork blades as these blades are designed to more easily bend at a lower point.

    The bottom bracket shell is 68mm wide with a British (BS) thread.

    The price includes custom sizing of your frame to best fit you. You can either visit our showroom for a fitting (no extra cost) or send us your measurements. Click here to arrange a fitting or for info on how to take the measurements.

    This frameset comes with a choice of a threaded steerer for a quill stem (1") or a threadlees steerer (1 1/8") for an ahead stem. N.B. If ordering the Mule tubeset and would like the frame lugged then only 1" steerer is available (threaded or threadless). We can still offer the 1 1/8" threadless but the frame will need to be fillet brazed instead of lugged.


    The frameset does not include a headset but we can add this to order and fit it to the frame, just email to let us know what headset you'd like and we can let you know the cost.


    The Skyelander 650b frameset has clearance for 42mm 650b tyres with mudguards or 48mm tyres without mudguards. It was designed with Compass tyres in mind. 


    The frames are lugged for optimal strength, but the frames can also be fillet brazed. We offer both an ahead and quill version. All of our frames are supplied with vertical dropouts. Horizontal dropouts can be fitted if preferred.


    There are a number of braze-on options which can be added to your order here 


    It is finished in Dusk Blue but other stock colours are available at no extra cost - click here, or custom colours are available here. The frames are double powder coated for increased durability and longevity.

    All of our frames are finished to a high standard. This includes facing the top and bottom surfaces of the headtube, reaming the head and seat tubes as well as facing the bottom bracket shell.

    Please let us know when ordering if you wold like the STANFORTH decal lacquered onto the downtube.

    N.B. minimum Q factor of chainset needs to be 152mm. If you are looking to use a chainset with a narrower Q factor please get in contact and we should be able to customise the chainstays accordingly