USB Dynamo Powered Charging Device + Fitting


We have four options here for a dynamo powered USB charging device - The Sinewave Reactor, The Plug III, the Plug 5 and the Sinewave Revolution. Please also see the Sinewave Beacon in headlights for a dynamo front light with integrated USB charger.


N.B. these are only available to purchase when buying a Stanforth bike with an ahead stem (and non carbon steerer).

USB device
  • Starting with the Sinewave Reactor:

    The more we use Sinewave products the more we are impressed. Sinewave seem to have the edge over other brands we have tried in their level of waterproofing. Although the top cap USB port is exposed it is designed to be waterproof, for this reason it is our preferred top cap style USB charger.

    The Sinewave Reactor takes the performance of the Revolution dynamo-powered USB charger (detailled below) and shrinks it into a package that fits above the star-fangled nut in a threadless steerer tube, with a pass through for the 6mm bolt.  The only visible part is a custom CNC-milled stem cap holding the USB connector.  The cap is only 9.8mm tall and available in silver, black, red and blue. 


    Starting with the Cinq 5 Plug III:

    An eco friendly power supply for USB devices via dynamo hub. The Plug III is simplicity is outstanding. The entire electronics are uniquely and completely integrated into the Top Cap (so only available with ahead bikes with threadless steerer). The electronics are encapsulated with a sealing liquid in a housing made from aluminum to protect it from humidity and external impacts in the best possible way.


    PAT II technology :

    The Plug III comes with the PAT II (Power Amplification) technology as standard. The PAT II technology was specifically made for riders who travel with medium or lower speeds and it is now available for riders who ride at higher speeds as well. The full USB power is obtained at about 12km/h from better efficiencies which allows you to operate many devices with an integrated battery directly from the Plug III. The PAT II technology does not change the appearance of the Plug III as it is hidden within the head tube cartridge. The PAT II technology can also be retrofitted to any Plug II.


    Ease of use:

    The use of the Plug III is absolutely simple and requires no technical knowledge. With the aheadset expander which has an integrated cable channel installation is simple. This design allows retrofitting of the Plug III to many bikes.


    Power Kit:

    In combination with the Smart Power Pack II you can operate and charge power intense devices as well.

     - Eco friendly power supply for USB devices including GPS, MP3 Player and mobile phones via dynamo hub
     - Meets USB specification: The Plug III converts power from an existing dynamo hub into USB 5V standard
     - Revised design: full integration of the entire electronics into the Top Cap offers a clean bike design, its easy to retrofit as well as a very good theft protection
     - Tough 6061 aluminum housing which is corrosion resistant: The tough housing does not only look great, but also withstands serious impacts 
     - iPhone support built in 
     - Plug in and ride - great handling in combination with the iPhone, because with the Plug III you do not need a special cable
     - With everything in a simple Top Cap installation becomes a piece of cake - just connect the cable with the USB Top Cap and the dynamo hub - it is that simple!

    Key Features:

    Weight: 100 g
    Diameter: 3.6 cm
    Height: 2.5 cm
    Output: USB 5V
    Supplied with the expander 
    Input: dynamo hub with 6V / 3W
    Connector: USB Typ-A

    Cinq The Plug5 Plus

    The Plug5 Plus is the latest evolution of tout terrain's fully integrated power supply for your bike. The integrated rechargeable battery makes sure you can also charge your device under difficult charging conditions.  It is possible to charge your device whilst running your dymamo light.


    Key Features:

    - Symmetrical stainless steel USB type C port simplifies the cable handling
    - Completely sealed electronic unit
    - Tough aluminum housing, corrosion resistant, withstands serious impacts
    - LED with charge indicator
    - Integrated battery charges from 7 km/h up to 1.2A charging current
    - Charging during stops possible
    - PET reinforced cable
    - Integrated mini power bank
    - Auto Light Switch
    - Integrated expander including cable twist protection
    - Rotary Door twist lock
    - Temperature range: -15/+60


    The Plug5 Plus Functions:

    The Rotary Door twist lock mechanism closes the USB C port completely and protects it from moisture and dirt
    Smart Charge: The Plug5 Plus adapts to the dynamo hub and optimizes the charging current
    The integrated mini power bank makes sure you have energy while stopping or going at a slow pace 
    Intelligent Device Management: The integrated charging circuit recognizes automatically your device and negotiates the correct charging current
    Auto Light Switch: Switches automatically between the different charging modes. This allows for charging and operating the light at the same time
    Auto Power Save: the AutoPower Save will be activated automatically depending on the power level of the mini power bank and optimizes the buffer functionality



    Sinewave Cycles Revolution USB Dynamo Powered Charging Device


    The Sinewave Cycles Revolution is a bicycle dynamo powered USB charger. It converts electricity generated by hub and bottle dynamos to USB output. The Revolution allows users to charge USB-powered devices whilst they ride.


    This does not sit in the steerer tube like the Plug III. The Revolution can either be cable ties to the frame, bars or stem or sit in a frame or bar bag.


    The Revolution is made in the USA

    Unlimited Power For:
    - Cell phones
    - GPS
    - Battery packs
    - Rechargeable headlights
    - Rechargeable speakers
    - Any USB-powered device!

    - Best in class efficiency
    - High speed overload protection
    - Simple installation
    - Shock and vibration toughened
    - Waterproof
    - Gold-plated USB connector won't rust or corrode

    - Starts charging at 3.5mph (5.5km/h) (N.B. when light is off)
    - Full charging at 9mph (14.4km/h)
    - Max Current: 1 Amp
    - Also works with DC input up to 52V
    - Weight: 37g
    - Dimensions: 54mm x 35mm x 14mm
    - Wire Length: 36" (91cm)
    - Wire Ends: Stripped wire
    - Warranty: 1 Year

    These are both only available to purchase when buying a Stanforth bike with ahead stem