Tyre upgrades for the Kibo

Tyre upgrades for the Kibo


The Kibo is fitted with Marathon Plus Tour (26 x 2.0") as standard.


However we do offer some others as upgrades which may be more suited to your tours.


N.B. these tyres can only be ordered as an upgrade when buying a Kibo bike and are not available for general purchase. Costs are for upgrading the pair

  • The upgrade options are as follows:


    Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Evo folding 2.0" (130kg max load)

    Schwalbe Marathon Mondial Evo folding 2.15" (135kg max load)

    Schwalbe Marathon Almotion folding 2.15" (130kg max load)

    Schwalbe Marathon Supreme folding 2.0" (120kg max load)


    Marathon Mondial Evo


    The ultimate touring tire, made for roads, tracks and trails of all continents. The tread pays homage to its legendary Marathon XR predecessor. Construction and compounding are naturally the very latest Schwalbe Evo technology. TravelStar compound for the best handling characteristics, Double Defense technology makes it light, but with an extremely robust construction. The world is round. Ride it.


    This is our favourite expedition tyre. For purposes of comparison the classic Marathon Plus Tour 26 x 2.0” tyre which we fit as standard on the Kibo weighs 1,100g per tyre. We believe the Mondial Evo has the edge over the Marathon Plus Tour on rolling resistance and road grip whilst the durability, servuce life and off road grip are similar.


    Marathon Mondial Evo 26 x 2.0 - 740g per tyre, 35-70 psi, 130kg max load

    Marathon Mondial Evo 26 x 2.15 - 865g per tyre, 35-70 psi, 135kg max load


    Marathon Almotion Evo


    We like this tyre as it’s good on the road, has good puncture protection whilst still being able to carry a load (130kg).


    Marathon Almotion Evo 26 x 2.15 - 665g per tyre, 30-55 psi, 130kg max load


    Marathon Supreme Evo


    Dynamic in its purest form. The Supreme was the first Evolution line Marathon and now in its second generation. The OneStar compound makes it even faster. With the new profile it not only looks good, but also rolls more nimbly than ever before. Maximum comfort and speed are achieved in its Tubeless Easy version – unbeatable at the very fastest.


    This is the fastest of all tyres in these options - a lower max load capability than the others but if you’re going to be mainly cycling on roads with minimal rough stuff it’s a good option.


    Marathon Supreme Evo 26 x 2.0 - 560g per tyre, 35-65 psi, max load 120kg


    N.B. please only order these tyres as an upgrade when buying a Kibo bike. These are not available for purchase without the bike