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“Wow! My Stanforth Conway bike is amazing! From the very first meeting and bike fit with Simon I knew I made the right choice.  The bikes build quality is amazing! The ride is extremely comfortable and fast, I am now doing 80+ mile bike rides with ease.  Absolutely love it! and would recommend to anyone to check out Stanforth Bikes. ”  

Marcus Shaw, Kuwait


“Love my Stanforth Conway.
Once I’d decided on a touring bike, undertook some research including a visit to bespoked Bristol where I had a great conversation with Simon. Further research included following Sean Conway on his record convinced me to invest.
Best decision I made!!
Apart from some local winter rides, ventured into some longer touring type rides, 3 days, 5 days then camping whilst doing the North Coast500. Ride was so comfortable, bike felt rock solid even in some very testing weather conditions.
Since then used on a 300km day ride (again super comfortable) with no back/shoulder or bum ache.
Looking forward now to a 14 day trip South to North across France, camping and carrying all my gear later this year.
Couldn’t speak highly enough of the Stanforth Conway.”

Andy Dancey, UK


The buying experience was very good – Simon listened carefully to my input and provided well considered advice on customising equipment and frame geometry. The result is a bike which is a perfect fit for me and my riding, and I enjoy every ride more than the last!


Peter Huthison, UK


My needs are simple. A bike that is fast, agile, comfortable, stable, can tour, audax, hold its own on a club ride, get away from the tarmac if required and above all is a bike that I want to just get on and ride. Oh and looks cool.

For years my attempts to satisfy this list have failed miserably, this has helped justify N+1, and this in turn has resulted in me owning too many not quite good enough machines. Why can’t I have it all?  Well now I can.


The Stanforth Conway is unlike anything off the shelf and has me ruined, it has to be ridden for the experience to be fully understood and enjoyed. Suddenly I know what good feels like and I finally know how good a quality design and build can be. It meets all of the above and a whole lot more, I feel like I could ride my Conway all day, every day. In fact, I think I will.


Neil Foley, UK

john hulme conway.jpeg

My Stanforth Conway bike has been a joy to ride the moment I cycled away from Simon’s workshop.


Being made to measure means the bike actually fits me and the carefully selected components are top quality. To prove it I cycled 410 miles home from Hove! I can’t recommend Stanforth Bikes highly enough

John Hulme, UK

stuart mannering conway.jpeg

Simply love getting out on Rhubarb (my Stanforth Conway).  It's made cycling even more of a pleasure / escape.


The steel frame plus custom build hugely help in ironing out the lumps and bumps over longer rides.  


Completed my first ever 300km in May and was amazed to have none of the usual grumbles in my back or triceps.  Steel is definitely real

Stuart Mannering, UK

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