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“Simon sent my Kibo to Malawi when my former bike (not a Stanforth) failed on a tour through Africa.  The next 6,000 km I had zero issues with the bike.  I highly recommend the Kibo for anybody who wants a bike built to handle the long tours.”  

Matt Pray, USA


“The Kibo is the most fun to ride bike I’ve ever owned. A supremely comfortable ride even if you’re spending all day in the saddle. I got mine specifically for a tour of France last year and it’s been on many adventures since. The bike rode well even when fully loaded with all my gear. I love that it can take super wide tyres and the ride position is just perfect for me. The frame has plenty of lugs so I’m able to change rack configurations to suit my needs. Looking forward to taking it back to Europe with me for further tours soon.”  

Jim Green, UK


“The Kibo has been my best friend these last months and hasn't missed a beat. It's a proper workhorse that loves the weight. A truly comfortable ride that's been a joy to cycle. Over passes, along rivers and all terrains. I was so thankful for the stability the Kibo brought through Hungary and Romania as the roads were a mix of gravel and warped tarmac.”

Nathan Kirk, Ireland


“Absolutely love my Kibo. Simon from Stanforth bikes made sure everything about my bike was perfect and to my requirements. He provided a great service and a great bike. 
Highly recommend the Kibo if you are looking for a "go anywhere bike". 
Margaret Houghton, Southport UK”

Margaret Houghton, Southport


“I'm using the Kibo to cycle to some of the most remote destinations on the planet. It’s hand built in the UK from the strongest gauge of Reynolds 631 steel. This means it’s as strong as a 12 year old Malt but in equal measures is a superbly comfortable ride.
The Kibo absorbs the vibrations and bumps so my body doesn’t have to.  The wheels have proved themselves across South America  – 10,000 km and I haven’t broken a spoke!
The position it has me in is absolutely perfect.  It’s a machine.  Perfectly balanced for the panniers - keeps straight - powers on. 
Cycling all day every day with no discomfort is a BIGGY for me, I'm head over heels with this piece of steel.”

Ishbel Holmes (aka WorldBikeGirl), Scotland


“The Kibo is an incredible machine.  As a bicycle novice I needed something that could look after me and it never let me down despite the incredible beating I gave it, not to mention it remaining comfortable to ride for up to 8 hours a day for 10 months on often incredibly rough terrain”

Reece Gledhill, UK


“The most robust touring bike around, I cycled across Europe on the Kibo on my Iron curtain expedition and didn't get a single puncture or mechanical, despite the thousands of miles cycled across rough terrain. It's also light for a touring bike so easy lift over obstacles”

Justine Gosling, UK


“It boils down to simplicity and freedom. Hand crafted with high quality components but simple enough to fix anywhere, the Kibo is the perfect device for a major expedition. It’s a workhorse machine that can stand the rigor and abuse of carrying heavy loads over rough terrain for months on end. If I thought I had it in me, I wouldn’t hesitate taking the Kibo on another multi-year, human-powered circumnavigation!”

Jason Lewis (Explorer), UK/US


“It was very important for me, someone shorter than the average, to get a frame that fits me. With Stanforth, I was able to develop the idea of my perfect touring bike. I got a Kibo that is great and somehow it feels even better when is loaded. I would recommend to anyone who would like to cycle the world to get a Stanforth bike ”

Stephania Contreras, UK


“From the Icelandic dirt roads to a weekend trip, the Stanforth's Kibo gives us the sturdy feeling of a super reliable machine. 
We love to explore at pace, with a fully loaded bike, to bring with us all we need to wild camp around the world. When you put all the bags on, the Kibo reveals its true nature: comfortable to spend all day riding, easy to ride and stable on all terrains. 
Last but not least our Kibo Dirt Drops are super beautiful :) and everywhere we go people often stop to ask us about them! ”

Fabio & Gaia, Italy -


After spotting the Kibo step-through tourer on Simon’s website, I decided to go and test-ride it. I had never seen a bike for sale in my size! 

Simon was very happy to show me around his workshop and tell me the story of the bike. After some saddle adjustments, I took it for a spin, and I have honestly never felt so comfortable on a bike. We chatted about possible further adjustments, long term maintenance and I left with my trusted new ride and a little box of Stanforth branded goodies. Simon’s attention to detail made the whole experience really enjoyable.

I’ve since taken the bike out on day trips around London, and it is a dream! I’m looking forward to take it on a longer bike packing tour soon!"

Airelle Depreux, UK


"I spent a long time and lots of looking to decide which bike to get. Finally I chose a Stanforth Kibo as comfort and absolute reliability were paramount. It has failed me on neither and has given me the confidence to go to far flung places solo.

This is a 5 star bike. 

I absolutely love it."

Jill Wright, Ireland

sebastian hall.jpeg

"Just did my first brevet. My personal best was 100km in a day and had the opportunity to double it this weekend.


I didn’t imagine I would be doing brevets on this bike but it keeps going strong and is awesome for every different use I find"

Sebastian Hall, Sweden

tim wilcock kibo.jpeg

"The Kibo is the 'Rolls Royce' of touring cycles - strong, stable, dependable and very, very comfortable to ride.  My Kibo fits like a glove and in the year I've been riding it has dealt with everything the Scottish climate and some pretty rough roads can throw at it with consummate ease.  


It's simple to maintain and nothing has gone wrong with it in several thousand kilometres of riding.  This is my first "made to measure" bike and I couldn't have found one more suited to my needs!


Tim Wilcock, Scotland

su white kibo disc.jpeg

"The Stanforth service was exemplary and I have been delighted with my bike.


It’s an outstanding set up and the outstanding service is what really matters if you take cycling seriously and wave it through every aspect of your life"

Su White, UK

Stuart maddock.jpeg

"The Kibo has been a fantastic bike, something which I hoped to buy for many years and can honestly say it has lived up to every expectation.

Now almost two years in, the bike has done many many miles and is all set for its third cycle camping tour.

The bike handles fantastically fully loaded, to the point where it can be hardly possible to lift it but rides like there’s nothing on it.

The 26” wheels have been great as it can go anywhere, and have developed a new sense of appreciation for the local off road tracks and forests.

Having continued to study the bike over the two years it really is built to a fantastic standard and the frame build is of very high quality. Simon was great to work with, understanding and very knowledgeable which was perhaps one of the biggest assets to be able to receive guidance on decisions relating to the design and spec to equip the bike.

Simon described the kibo as being the ultimate touring bike with the Rohloff gears, and having spent many hours thinking about how the bike could be improved would probably say that I’d have to agree!"

Stuart, UK

robert hunter.jpeg

"The wonderful bike you built me for is rock solid as usual"

Robert Hunter, Isle of Skye


"The bike performed super nice. I spent one week on the road with my family in Denmark. The bike was loaded with 4 bags + a tent and when my daughter (6 year old) wouldn’t want to ride by herself anymore, I would pull her with the ‘follow-me“‘. So the bike had a lot of weight to carry. Still it felt very stable.
The tour in Switzerland I rode with some friends. We did three alpine passes. The Klausenpass, Furkapass and the Simplonpass. All in all about 5000 meters elevation gain. Uphill it was great because the transmission went lower then the ones of my friends (both also have very good bikes). That helped me to keep up with them:-). Downwards we reached a speed of sometime over 50km/h and the bike was way more stable than my last bike. That gave me security, what lead to more fun. I’m very happy with my bike"

Philippe, Switzerland

toby ross.jpeg

"The cycle yesterday was wonderful, as it ever is on this superb bicycle. I can't praise your bikes enough! I really do believe that you deserve the (given) title of best touring bike supplier in the UK"

Toby, UK

chris williams.jpeg

“I recently got home from my trip through North America over the last year and the bike has been faultless so firstly thank you massively for selling something that reliable. It’s had some abuse over 18000km I can’t deny!”

Chris, UK

michael davies.jpeg

“I am delighted with the bike. It rides like a dream. Transmission super-efficient. All my friends say it looks beautiful”

Michael, Vietnam


Jake cycled on his Kibo the 4,300 miles of the TransAm, Yorktown, Virginia to Astoria, Oregon - ‘The Stanforth Kibo performed outstandingly.”

Jake, USA

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