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The DT Swiss R460 DB disc rims provide a good combination of weight savings versus traditional touring rims but strength as a result of their CX predigree. They also allow for a good range of tyre widths – from 23mm right up to the recommended max on the Stanforth Conway of 700c x 43mm (without guards). For wider clearance see the Torro. They are tubeless ready although we will fit with inner tubes.

We also offer the 32 hole DT Swiss R500DB rims which have a heavier max load capacity


We have now upgraded the hubs to Bitex 106 centre-locks, a great quality road/touring disc hub.

All of our wheels are hand built in Sussex. Wheels hand built by an experienced builder can significantly increase their strength versus those machine built. We only use stainless steel spokes.


The wheels are finished off with Marathon Racers 35mm, one of Schwalbe's fastest touring tyres. Panaracer Gravelkings (43mm) are also an option. 

If you would like other tyres fitted e.g. Compass, Schwalbe Marathon Supreme etc, just call or email us to discuss.

For heavier riders we can tweak a few things - the frames' tubes, the rim choice and the tyres - please get in touch if this is of interest

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