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The Skyelander is the classic steel all-road tourer with a difference. That difference being its build quality - all of our frames are hand built and individually made to fit you. The frames are built and brazed in the UK by the country's top framebuilders using either Reynolds 631 or Reynolds 853. The Skyelander won the Cycling UK Touring Bike award at the Bespoked UK bike show.

We offer two tubeset choices - Reynolds 631 main frame triangle and forks or Reynolds 853 as an upgrade option. Steel has progressed significantly from standard chromoly and from the base level Reynolds 525 - Reynolds 631 or 853 are significantly stronger and a must on a hand built touring bike.

Nothing conveys a handmade frame like lugs do - not only do lugs look great but they also provide optimal strength. Both 1" threaded and 1 1/8" threadless steerer versions are available, as well as sloping or horizontal top tubes. Both rim brakes or discs are an option.

Our attention to detail is carried through from the brazing to the powder coating. The frames are double powder coated and then a clear powder lacquer is applied before entering the oven for a third time - this helps ensure increased durability and longevity. All of our frames are finished to a high standard. This includes facing the top and bottom surfaces of the headtube, reaming the head and seat tubes as well as facing the bottom bracket shell. 

To discuss your Skyelander further send us an email, or give us a call (07850881438)

Skyelander 700c Disc
Skyelander 700c with rim brakes
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