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The stopping power comes from mechanical TRP Spyre disc brakes. This is a dual sided mechanical disc brake caliper where both pads operate to give an even and precise clamping force. This means that the pad and rotor wear is even. TRP have added a simple cable barrel adjuster so the pads can be easily adjusted without tools


The 160mm rotors are Shimano SLX with the Centre-Lock mounting system. The rotors are precision cut stainless steel. The braking surface has been developed for good pad clearing and cooling improving performance and the rotor longevity.


The discs are operated by Shimano 105 STI levers. The design which Shimano have named SLR (Shimano Linear Response) makes use of a friction-reducing mechanism in the caliper, lever and cable that improve response and modulation. The levers have 10mm reach adjustment.

We also use compressionless cable housing for better performance.

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