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The biggest inspiration behind Stanforth Bikes was the Cranes’ conquest of Kilimanjaro by bike.

It was 1985, and 11 year old Simon Stanforth, the son of the owner of Saracen Cycles at the time, was captivated by the inspirational talks by the Crane cousins about their taming of Africa’s highest mountain. The Cranes took touring to a new level, to true expedition cycling.

Thirty years on, in 2014, Simon launched Stanforth Bikes with the Kibo, named after the summit of Kilimanjaro. The Kibo is a no compromise expedition bike designed to go around the world fully loaded.


"I gazed out across the cotton-wool clouds below, then slowly swung round to bring the Kibo summit into focus up above. Stupendous."

Richard Crane & Nicholas Crane, Bicycles up Kilimanjaro, 1985

There were some great around-the world bike expeditionists over the last years who were a real inspiration - some photos below

The inspiration behind the Stanforth Kibo, the Cranes conquering Kilimanjaro by bike

Original Kilimanjaro photography courtesy of Peter Inglis:

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