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"As an Adventure Bike the Kibo is hard to beat"


"The Stanforth Kibo is a thoroughly top-class 21st Century flat-bar adventure bike"


"Get onto paths, tracks and hard-pack trails, and the super-compliant steel frame comes into its own"









"Whatever the situation, it's a very comfortable bike to ride"


"Sturdy Rigida Sputnik rims on equally reliable Shimano Deore hubs offer a very strong set of wheels"








“The lugged Reynolds 631 frames are built for Stanforth Bikes by one of the UK’s most legendary frame builders, Lee Cooper”







“All together a unique machine. Despite its high-end spec, the Kibo is reasonably priced”








“Hand built in the UK; the Kibo’s name is taken from the summit of the famous mountain which sparked the passion all those years ago”


“The Kibo meets the needs for expedition touring, as well as for everyday urban cycling to get your morning paper”


“It’s not your normal everyday bicycle, but here at Brooks we like that…”


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