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“Riding the Skyelander for the past two years and on numerous tours in Europe has been an absolute joy. It is comfortable enough for riding all day and sturdy enough to carry whatever you need it to and over even the worst roads and tracks. It is the bike that has made me really fall in love with touring and I can’t wait to take it on more adventures”  

Peter Bowles, UK


“The Stanforth Skylander is a beautifully balanced and comfortable bike.  Simon provided a fantastic service, listening to my requirements and then advising on the best alternatives. He then built me a fantastic custom bike which I am sure will last me for many years.  Great bike and great service, thank you”  

David Thompson, UK


“The Skyelander is worth every penny. On my rides last year I found a very smooth and fast bicycle on a variety of surfaces, I even found myself using my Skyelander to commute to work just for the pleasure of riding it, I can feel it was built from experience and a passion for touring.”  

Matias, UK


"I recently purchased a Skyelander from Simon Stanforth. My wife and I do a fair bit of touring and long day rides. I wanted a bike, preferably British manufactured not just British assembled, that was an easy all day ride with the capacity to carry luggage if needed but still sprightly enough if unloaded.

From the beginning Simon was a pleasure to deal with and sorted out my requirements perfectly. My Skyelander has bar end shifters and Ryde Sputnik 700c wheels. 


The ride has that lovely springy steel quality that deadens bumps and it doesn’t tire you out. Mine is in Reynolds 631 and even so it’s quite light compared with another bike at home which is a 725   It’s the first set of bar end shifters I’ve had but I adapted to them without difficulty. They are simple and easy to repair of course and have an unexpected bonus that you can rapidly go up or down several gears in one motion.  My wife has a triple Tourer that has ST I shifters and indexing the front derailleurs is often problematical. That’s not any problem with the friction shifters. 

When I got the bike back home I examined it and I cannot fault the build quality. The paintwork is excellent and many little details to protect the bike have not been overlooked.

I’ve now done some hundred mile days on it and several shorter day tours. I was particularly surprised how well it climbs. The rigidity of the frame seems to aid my admittedly somewhat leisurely pedaling motion and so far I’ve not had any trouble on the steepest hills, or at least no more than you’d expect😄

I’ve got the excellent Restrap luggage which fits very nicely although for day tours I just use a small Altura bag. It doesn’t seem to mind what weight it’s carrying and I might get a rack and pannier set before we do a long tour, although so far the bar bag and seat pack have sufficed nicely. The bike has as many mounting points as you could possibly want for luggage!

In conclusion, I’m delighted with this bike and really look forward to getting it on some longer tours.”  

Roy Glover, UK