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The Kibo is our range of steel expedition bikes, designed for long distance loaded touring. Every Kibo is made to order with the top tube and seat tube lengths fine tuned to each customer.

The range consists of various expedition models: the Kibo, the Kibo Dirt Drop, the Kibo Disc and the Kibo Rohloff Disc with either a chain or Gates Belt Drive.


All Kibo's are custom made to best fit you. They are designed, hand built and hand crafted in the UK. Designed with simplicity, strength and durability in mind, the Kibo meets the needs for expedition touring in the back of beyond.


We have a range of Kibo's to suit your needs, whether that be with derailleur or hub gearing, flat or drop bars, quill or ahead stem, chain or belt. There is also flexibility on components with V-brakes, canties or disc brakes, as well as tyre and grip choices. We also offer a range of wheel sizes - 26", 27.5" or 29" - all up to 2.0" wide (for wider please see the Pamira).


All Kibo frames are brazed using the strongest gauge of the air hardened Reynolds 631 steel for the main triangle. As the Kibo is built to carry heavy loads across all types of terrain, it's imperative that the workmanship is of the highest standard. It's not just the quality of the tubing that's important, it's how they're put together. A frame is only as strong as its weakest join which is why all Stanforth bikes are hand built in the UK by the country's top frame builders.


The components have been carefully selected with precision, passion and attention to detail. They include quality parts from Shimano, Ryde,  Schwalbe, TRP, Ergon, Tubus and Brooks.

Kibo expedition bike
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