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Brooks C17 saddle - Brooks have designed the top so it’s flexible, maintenance-free and waterproof. To the eye, the C17 may appear quite racy in its shape and lines, but, the geometry and dimensions are based of the B17 which we also use on our  other models – so it will give similar comfort mile after mile. You could also opt for the carved version with the cut out, or the wider C19, or the leather B17.

Headset - Cane Creek 40 - reliable, reliable, reliable - this is why we use it. As a bonus it looks great paired with the adventure carbon fork and the 44mm head tube. Machined from 6061 T-6 Aluminium, with a durable steel crown race, high quality bearings and low friction face seals make this a very dependable headset.

Headbadge - Our headbadges are lovingly hand made from pewter in the UK

Pedals - Shimano EH500 - One one side of the pedal is a standard wide platform for everyday shoes, and on the other is the SPD pedal. Efficient Light Action SPD step-in design on one side, with a flat platform on the other. The platform on the non-SPD side is wide to give a secure footing, they also include optional grip screws allowing you to get a better grip should you need it. Other pedals are available.

Paint - There are a couple of options - a powder coated frame with a black fork, or the powder coated frame with a wet painted fork in the same colour (as we can’t powder coat carbon).

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