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As well as our stock colours we can also offer the colours shown here for a small extra cost (£50). To see the name of the colour just click on the one you like to see its name.


N.B. We haven't used most of these colours before so there's no guarantee the screen colour will be the exactly the same shade of the powder on the bike. When we test out colours we are sometimes surprised by the different shade to what we were expecting so we'd thought we'd share our experience as there is a little risk involved...

Yellow gloss
Orange gloss
Burnt orange
Nickel gloss
Silver satin
Mid grey satin
Grey gloss
Silver satin
Satin sand
Blue slate gloss
Dark blue gloss
Blue gloss
Emerald green gloss
Mid green gloss
Lime green gloss
Duck egg blue gloss
Turquoise matt
Red gloss
red gloss
Dark red gloss
Fucia gloss
Purple gloss
Pink gloss
Gold gloss


If you're interested in a Stanforth custom frame or complete bike please email us to discuss what you have in mind - click here or email to

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