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The frame and forks are hand built in the UK by the country’s top frame builders. The frame is fillet brazed using Reynolds 853 tubing with Reynolds 725 stays. The fork blades are also 853 specifically designed for disc brakes, or there's the option for a Whisky carbon CX No 7 QR disc fork.


The frames are fillet brazed which means the the tubes are joined without using lugs or welding.  We use a brass brazing rod to create a small mound around the joint called the “fillet.” This is then finished to create a smooth joint between the tubes. Please note we don't tig weld as tests have shown joins to be weaker using this process, we braze only with either lugs or by fillet brazing.

The tube diameters and thicknesses ensure a smooth ride as well as high strength and durability.

As with all of our bikes, the Stanforth Conway has a heat treated steerer for extra strength. It has bosses for two bottle cages, mudguards and front and rear racks. The rear dropouts with integrated disc mount is machined and manufactured by Paragon Machine Works. The rear spacing is 135mm. Clearance is for 700 x 35c with guards or 700 x 43c without.

The frame is finished with a double powder coat in a choice of Bahama Gold or Ash Green, or any of our stock colours.

All of our frames are custom built to best fit you.​

This bike had to be steel for a number of very good reasons - click here to find out why.

Bottom Bracket - 68mm British Thread (BS)

N.B. The Conway is only available to buy as a complete bike, not as a frameset

Frame – 2.05 kg

Forks – 1.05 kg (steel), 483g (Whisky CX QR disc carbon fork is an option - email us for details)

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