Dynamo hub upgrades for your Pamira


Your Pamira will be fitted with a Shimano XT front disc hub, but if you'd like to upgrade it to a dynamo hub, please choose between the two we have. We have a choice of the the Schmidt Son 28 dynamo disc hub or the Shutter Precision PL8 dynamo hub as upgrades on your Pamira. N.B. These can only be purchased when buying a Pamira.

Dynamo hub
  • The Schmidt SON 28 dynamo disc hub (32h)


    The SON 28 is bike tourers' most highly regarded dynamo hub. We recommend the SON 28 when more light is required at low speed or when other devices are to be operated or their batteries recharged. 


    The bigger the wheel size the faster you'll need to be going to get your dynamo hub to produce power. 


    Weight - 460g

    Holes - 32

    6v 3W

    OLD 100 mm
    QR Type (9 mm)


    Shutter Precision PL8


    The PL8 is a good value option. These 3w dynamo hubs are very well designed and engineered for touring. A very good small, light and efficient dynamo hub. The PL8 is disc specific with a centre-lock disc mount


    Holes - 32 or 36

    6v 3W

    OLD 100 mm
    QR Type (9 mm)

    A skewer for the hub is included in the price


    N.B. these are only available to purchase as an upgrade when buying a Pamira bike and not available for general purchase