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Pedal upgrades for your Stanforth

Pedal upgrades for your Stanforth


If you'd like to upgrade the pedals there are a number of options here, both SPD and platform. 


All of our bikes are supplied with basic pedals as customers have different pedal preferences so we prefer not to increase the price of the bike with a component which may not be used. Here are some higher quality touring options

  • Most of our models are supplied with MKS Sylvan touring pedals. As customers have different pedal preferences we have a few upgrade options,  including platform and clipless (i.e. cleats/SPD).


    Shimano Deore XT PD-T8000 XT MTB SPD/Platform Trekking pedals

    This XT trekking pedal combines SPD mechanism on one side and a stable platform pedal body and pins on the other, you can ride with cleats or normal shoes

    The SPD has a low profile platform height with a large platform contact area for excellent support and stability. It's lightweight and uses a forged alloy body and cromoly axle. It has a 8 mm hex wrench mounting system.

    Other highlights: A sealed cartridge axle system for reliability and simplified low maintenance. An easy entry system with tension adjustment provides plenty of support and holds the cleat firmly in place. Built in reflector.  Weight: 392 grams per pair


    Shimano PD-M324 SPD Pedals - Silver PD-M324 SPD MTB pedals - one-sided mechanism

    Like the XT PD-T8000 this pedal combines SPD mechanism on one side and flat pedal body on the other, so you can ride with cleats or normal shoes. The serviceable cup and cone bearings add to the long life of the pedals. Adjustable cleat tension means you can start off with loose tension for extra easy engagement and release, and turn up the tension as you progress. Weight: 533 grams per pair


    MKS Sylvan Touring Next Pedal

    A new version of MKS’s best selling Sylvan model. Triple sealed bearings produce super smooth rotation and maintenance free pedalling. Light weight, mirror finished, high end pedals made in Japan.  Weight: 338g pair


    MKS Lambda Wide Platform Pedals 

    An unusual looking pedal but I’m a fan of this design for touring. The ultra wide, long profile pedal features a tough alloy body with a wide grippy platform and unique figure-of-eight design.  It also has integrated reflectors. Weight: 427g pair


    Shimano XT PD-GR500 platform pedals

    These are listed as an MTB pedal but they're one of my preferred options for touring due to the size and support of the platform under foot.
    - Concave platform for better grip, long-ride comfort, and efficiency
    - Height adjustable, bottom-loading replaceable pins
    - Chrome-moly spindle and low-maintenance, sealed bearing cartridge axle

    - Weight 533g pair

    N.B. all these pedals are only available to purchase as an upgrade when buying a Kibo bike and not available for general purchase

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