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Restrap Contour Bottle

Restrap Contour Bottle


The five-litre fork bag from Restrap offers yet more options for carrying your gear. Its 100% waterproof, roll-top design will keep your stuff dry no matter the spray and mud.


The Carry Cage is a secure and versatile carrying solution that allows you to easily expand your horizons, whether you’re bikepacking, touring or just exploring. 


N.B. these are only available to purchase when buying a Stanforth bike and not available for general purchase

  • Restrap Branded Bottles with contour design, available in both 500ml and 750ml sizes.

    The distinctive orange lockable spout adds a pop of colour while ensuring easy access to your favorite beverages. Leak proof construction ensures that your hydration stays where it belongs – in your bottle, not on your gear.

    Easy-to-squeeze plastic makes quenching your thirst a breeze, ensuring you stay focused on your ride. The aerodynamic, ergonomic cap not only enhances the bottle's overall sleekness but also provides a comfortable grip during those high-speed rides.

    Our Restrap Bottles are proudly made from 100% recyclable, BPA/F/S and PET(E) Free polyethylene.

    Weight (empty):
    500ml - 74g
    750ml - 94g

    N.B. these can only be purchased with a Stanforth bike, we don't sell them as a seperate purchase

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