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Rim upgrades for the Skyelander

Rim upgrades for the Skyelander


The Skyelander is fitted with 36 hole Ryde 700c Sputnik rims as standard. These are strong rims and our favoured for loaded touring.


However we offer some others which may be more suited to your weight, the type of cycling you plan on doing, the load you will be carrying and the tyre width you decide to roll on.


N.B. these rims can only be ordered as an upgrade when buying a Skyelander 700c bike and are not available for general purchase

  • The upgrade options are as follows:


    DT Swiss R460 32 hole (460 grams)

    DT Swiss TK540 36 hole (540 grams)

    Mavic A719 32 or 36 hole (565 grams)

    Ryde Andra 40 36h (905g)


    DT Swiss R460 32 hole

    The R 460 is light and wide, so good for lighter weight touring. Being a 23mm wide rim means the R 460 can be fitted with a range of tyre widths, from 23mm up to the limit on the Skyelander of 42mm.

    The sleeve jointing process means reliability is not sacrificed.


    ETRTO: 622 x 18 C

    ERD: 596
    Outer width: 23 mm
    Height: 23 mm
    Max spoke tension: 1200 N
    Weight: 460 grams

    Suitable for tyre widths of 23-60mm (42mm max on the Skyelander)

    Max. system weight: 110 kg (rider, bike, equipment and luggage)


    DT Swiss TK540 36 hole


    This is a road touring rim with DT Swiss' SBWT (Strength Boost Welding Technology) which creates a perfectly welded join for a durable, reliable rim.

    The rim has machined sidewalls for powerful braking on a consistent sidewall surface. It has wear indicators to show the extent of sidewall wear.
    Stainless steel spoke double eyelets distribute stress evenly and allow for 4% higher spoke tensions than normal rims. Higher torsional rigidity due to an optimised rim profile. Unique process for the black coating produces a tough and durable finish. A good tough touring rim.


    ETRTO: 622 x 19 C
    ERD: 600 mm

    Outer width: approx 23.6 mm

    Height: approx 20.2 mm
    Presta drilling
    Weight: 540 grams


    Mavic A719


    The A 719 is one of the most renowned 700c touring rims. I love the feel of these and have ridden with them for for 15 years+. Traditional drilling, Double Eyelet, Clincher rim.


    ETRTO: 622 x 19C
    Outer width: 24.5
    Height: 19.8
    Weight: 565 grams

    Suitable for tyre widths of 28 to 47 mm (42mm max on the Skyelander)

    Max. system weight: 130kg (rider, bike, equipment and luggage)


    Ryde Andra 40 


    The Andra 40 rims are the strongest in Ryde's line-up. Its versatility is so great that it can be used for cargo bikes to mountain bikes and can take loads of up to 180kg. We would recommend this for heavier riders cycling with loaded panniers. 


    Shape: Double wall
    Joint: Pin
    Tyre Use: Clincher
    Hook type: Crotchet
    Brake Type: Rim Brake
    Weight: 905g


    N.B. please only order these rims when buying a Skelander 700c bike. These are not available for purchase without a Skyelander

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