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Rim upgrades for the Stanforth Conway

Rim upgrades for the Stanforth Conway


The Stanforth Conway is fitted with 32 hole DT Swiss 460db disc brake rimsas standard. These are strong rims and our favoured for loaded touring.


if you would like to upgrade these rims we have a few options which may better suit you and the type of cycling you plan on doing on your Stanforth Conway.


N.B. these rims can only be ordered as an upgrade when buying a Stanforth Conway and are not available for general purchase

  • The upgrade options are as follows:


    DT Swiss R500db 32 hole ( grams)

    DT Swiss TK540 disc 32 hole (540 grams)

    Mavic A719 32 hole (565 grams)

    As ridden by Sean on his Guinness World record attempt: Reynolds - 17 - 46 Aero C Disc Brake - Shimano Wheelset (including hub upgrade)



    DT Swiss R460 32 hole


    The R 500 Disc Brake 22mm Road Rim is perfect for all riding styles, no matter where the road or trail takes you. Equally suited to a long distance tour  to epic trail sessions on the Cyclocross circuit. This is slightly tougher option than the R460DB.


    ETRTO: 622 x 22 C

    ERD: 596
    Outer width: 25 mm
    Height: 23 mm
    Weight: 495 grams

    Tyre widths up to 2.5" (N.B. max on Conway 47mm)

    Max. system weight: 130 kg (rider, bike, equipment and luggage)


    DT Swiss TK540 disc 32 hole


    Thanks to its construction, the DT Swiss TK-540 db Disc rim is suitable for extensive tour and trekking use. With double eyelets and produced with the SBWT™ welding process, you can travel around the world without worries. Unique process for the black coating produces a tough and durable finish. A good tough touring rim.


    ETRTO: 622 x 19 C
    ERD: 600 mm

    Outer width: approx 23.6 mm

    Height: approx 20.2 mm

    Tyre width - 23-60mm (N.B. max on Conway is 47mm)
    Presta drilling
    Weight: 545 grams


    Mavic A719


    This isn't a disc specific rim but because of it's proven ability as a touring rim we have included it as an option. The A 719 is one of the most renowned 700c touring rims. We love the feel of these and have ridden with them for for 15 years+. Traditional drilling, Double Eyelet, Clincher rim.


    ETRTO: 622 x 19C
    Outer width: 24.5
    Height: 19.8
    Weight: 565 grams

    Suitable for tyre widths of 28 to 47 mm

    Max. system weight: 130kg (rider, bike, equipment and luggage)


    Reynolds - 17 - 46 Aero C Disc Brake Wheelset

    The all-new 46 AERO DB takes the next step in aerodynamic performance by incorporating a versatile DET™ profile to lower drag and improve crosswind handling. The 19mm tubeless ready rim channel offers excellent fit for wider tires and this added width also bolsters lateral stiffness while enhancing overall ride quality. The new custom hubs by Industry Nine offer lightning fast engagement, and the center lock rotor mount means that braking performance is never left in question.

    Wheelset Weight: 1525g

    Width: External: 28.00 mm , Internal: 19.00 mm
    Rim Depth: 46.00 mm

    • Spokes:
    Count: 20
    Drive Side: 290mm Sapim CXRay SP
    Non-Drive Side: 290mm Sapim CXRay SP
    Count 24
    Drive Side: 285mm Sapim CXRay SP
    Non-Drive Side: 280mm Sapim CXRay SP


    N.B. please only order these rims when buying a Stanforth Conway bike. These are not available for purchase without a Stanforth Conway

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