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Route Werks - The Handlebar Bag

Route Werks - The Handlebar Bag


In our opinion this is the best handlebar bag out there. 


Please be aware these are only available to purchase WITH A STANFORTH BIKE, they are not for general sale

  • Please be aware these are only available to purchase WITH A STANFORTH BIKE, they are not for general sale

    The Handlebar Bag

    The Handlebar Bag features a customisable dashboard to mount any BarFly Tech Adapter (for a Garmin) or Quad Lock compatible technology and is designed for quick, one-handed access with expandable storage. The easy on/off lever and integrated shoulder strap allows you to take the bag with you, on or off the bike.

    Each bag comes with Route Werk's ultra-compact, proprietary Bike Mount. Machined from aluminium and anodised for durability, it all but disappears when the Bag is removed! The Bike Mount is designed to fit 31.8 handlebars and fits 26.0 & 25.4 handlebars with their Bike Mount Adapters (sold separately).

    If you’re using a Garmin then you will need the BARFLY TECH ADAPTER and if you’ll be fitting a Quad Lock you’ll need to add the Quadlock integrated mount to the order. Key specs:

    • Easy access while riding: bag opens away from rider with spring-loaded latch
    • Techmount supports Bar Fly, K-Edge, and Quad Lock (sold separately)
    • Shock cords for extra storage + five pockets (2 external, 3 internal)
    • Easy on/off lever to remove bag quickly in one motion


    It’s a pricey handlebar bag, but I believe it is the best. The Super C and Ortlieb are excellent alternatives, but what I particularly like about this is 1) the Garmin or iPhone positioned on top of the bag 2) the stub to the side for a bell 3) the bar mount and ease of fitting and taking on and off the bike 4) the overall quality of it

    What's Included:

    -The Handlebar Bag

    -The Route Werks Dashboard Badge

    -The RW to BarFly Plate

    -One RW Bike Mount (fits 31.8mm diameter bars)

    -Lightweight shoulder strap included


    Requirements for Use:

    31.8mm handlebars or appropriate shims for correct bike mount fit.

    At least 170mm needed between handlebars and top of tire.

    For use on rigid fork bikes only.

    3mm hex wrench (not included) required to secure the Bike Mount.


    N.B. You will need to also add the quad-lock adapter or barfly adapter (for Garmin), the stub if needed for a bell or light, and the shim if your bar diameter is 25.4 or 26.0


    145mm x 235mm x 153mm / 5.8in x 9.3in x 6in

    3.2L Max carry weight: 4kg / 9lbs Weight (bag + bike mount): 684g / 1.5lbs

    Max Carry Weight:
    4kg / 9lbs

    (bag + bike mount): 684g / 1.5lbs

    500d PU-coated Cordura, 220d Gridstop Nylon, polymer lid, aluminum hinges, machined anodized aluminum hardware 2.5mm shock cord, waterproof zipper on interior pouch.



    26.0mm or 25.4mm

    Bike Mount Adapters allow you to install the Bike Mount on smaller diameter handlebars. These adapters are designed specifically to fit our mount, ensuring a secure fit on 26.0 or 25.4 handlebars. Not for use with any other components or accessories. 



    Their custom machined alumiinum Handlebar Stub allows you to carry most bar-mounted accessories directly on The Handlebar Bag. Each bag accepts 2 Handlebar Stubs via the M5 threads on each side of the bag. Hardware included.


    30mm x 31.8mm diameter / 1.1in x 1.25in diameter



    Do you ride with a cycling computer?  Be sure to add one of these little marvels to your Handlebar Bag . BarFly Tech Adapters allow you to customize your Route Werks riding companion to install a variety of devices that use the BarFly system, e.g. Garmin.



    A collaboration between Route Werks and Quad Lock®. The Quad Lock® Integrated Mount is designed specifically for The Handlebar Bag and allows you to mount existing Quad Lock cases and accessories directly to the bag. Cases and accessories are available for purchase separately at Quad Lock Case. Mounting hardware included.



    If you plan to use the bag on different bikes you’ll need an extra mount(s)

    Route Werk's ultra-compact proprietary mount. Machined from aluminum, and anodized for durability. The Bike Mount is designed to fit 31.8 handlebars and fits 26.0 & 25.4 handlebars with their Bike Mount Adapters (sold separately). Purchase an additional bike mount to more easily share a single bag between several bikes.  Includes mounting hardware.

    Low profile bike mount

    Rigid and secure construction

    Designed to fit 31.8mm diameter handlebars without adapters (smaller diameters accommodated through our Bike Mount Adapters)


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