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There are various ways of shifting the Rohloff gears with drops, we have offer various options. Here are our thoughts:

1. Accessory bar - Using an accessory bar which sits below the stem - this is one of our favourite ways as it enables use of the Rohloff twist shifter and it can be used with any drop bar.


The only prerequisite is use of the ahead stem set up - link to accessory bar Additional cost is £20


A similar but more expensive option is the Rodriguez DooHickey £190

2. Hubbub Drop Bar Adaptor Mount - I’ve been testing this on my own bike and and am really liking it - it fits in to the end of the drop bar and the Rohloff twist shifter can simply be mounted to it - it can be fitted to the left or right hand side of the bar. The only potential downside is the shifter can be close to your knee when cycling out of the saddle +£80

3. Van Nicholas split bar - this bar is specifically designed for the Rohloff twist shifter. A key benefit is the location of the shifter. Van Nicholas do insist this bar is used with their own stem. The extra cost is £125

4. Gebla Rohbox - we had high hopes of this solution as the shifting is through the brake levers, so it is very ergonomic. However we’ve found that the amount of throw required to change gear makes it hard work and can cause hand/wrist pain. We tried it with Sram shifters but it’s also the same story with Campag shifters - in SJS’s words ‘regardless of shifter we have found that the amount of throw needed to actuate the Gebla system is quite large, the shift feels quite horrible as a result’ - so not a recommended solution. Extra cost £300

There are other solutions, but 1-3 are our recommended options.

Other solutions can be found here -

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