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Beyond Boundaries

Skyelander 700c

Skyelander 700c

Besalu, Gerona

Stanforth Bikes design and build custom expedition and touring bikes in the UK.

We launched our first expedition bike, the Kibo, in 2014. It was designed first and foremost as an all-terrain long distance touring bike.

The range has now expanded and also includes the
Skyelander touring bikes, the 'world record breakingStanforth Conway for faster touring, the Pamira all-terrain tourer as well as our new gravel tourer, the Torro.

All of our bikes are hand crafted in the UK, with each frame individually built for the customer. The steel frames are built from high quality Reynolds tubing by the country's top framebuilders, including legendary British frame builder Lee Cooper.

All Stanforth Bikes have cross continent touring hardwired into their DNA.
The components have been carefully selected with precision, passion, durability and long distance touring in mind.

We are multiple winners of the Touring Bike Choice Award at the Bespoked Handmade Bike Show UK judged by Cycling UK and and chosen as The Cyclist's and's best touring bikes.

Ride the World with Stanforth Bikes.

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