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We often get asked if we offer an electric bike version of our models.

Later this year (2024), we will have our first units of Skarper, which can make your Stanforth disc bike an electric bike in less than half an hour.

What’s even better is that if you want to ride it without any electric assist then you can simply take it off the bike in a couple of minutes.

Watch the video here

Key facts:

Motor - 250W rated

Range - Up to 50km on eco range

Weight - In total approximately 4.5kg

Battery - 240Wh

Charge empty to full - 2.5hrs

Range on 30 min charge - 10-15km

If you'd like to know more then get in touch. If you're a current owner of a Stanforth or buying a Stanforth then you can secure one of the five which will be available in 2024


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