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Even if you’re average weight, when fully loading a bike it can take you very quickly to the max capacity of a bike. On our Kibo's this is less of a problem as they are designed for heavy loaded touring, but even with this bike we have max system limits of 130kg for combined, rider, bike and load weights - that weight applies to the Skyelander, Kibo and Pamira. Assuming the bike kitted out with racks etc weights in circa 15kg-17k, you are carrying a load of 30kg then this leaves a max rider weight of 80-85kg.

If you need a higher system load capacity than 130kg then we can do a few things:

Firstly, the frame and forks, we can use a combination of wider diameter tubes and thicker tube walls.

Secondly, the components. we can switch the tyres and rims to those with a higher capacity.

 If you would like to discuss a Stanforth with a higher load capacity hen just drop me an email or give me a call on 07850 881438.

Kibo for heavier rider
Wider diameter tubes
Reynolds 631 oversized tubes
Tyres and rims
Higher load capacity Kibo
stronger and stiffer fork blades
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