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Bar upgrades for your Pamira

Bar upgrades for your Pamira


If you'd like to upgrade from the Geoff bar to the Denham bar then you can do here

  • The Denham bars

    These bars are intended for touring on paved and unpaved roads. The main section of the bar is wide at 71cm. This provides good control on rough surfaces and around town. The bullhorn section offers a streamlined position for smoother roads and headwinds. The center portion replicates the top of a drop bar, and placing your hands at the junctions is similar to riding on the hoods.


    The main bar is 22.2mm and the clamp area is 25.4mm.

    Weight is pretty reasonable at around 450g. 



    • 34° sweep at the grips
    • 15° inward bend at the bullhorns
    • 8° sweep at the bar tops
    • 711mm width
    • 25.4mm stem diameter
    • Barend shifter compatible
    • 400-450 grams

    N.B. all these bars are only available to purchase as an upgrade when buying a Pamira bike and not available for general purchase



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