Racks for your Pamira

Racks for your Pamira


If you'd like racks fitted to your Pamira then please select them here. 


N.B. these are only available to purchase when buying a Pamira bike and not available for general purchase

  • Tubus Duo front rack


    Tubus' Duo used to be a Tara, until Tubus made it "bow-free". If your fork has inside and outside eyelets, then the Duo is your choice carrier. Duo and Tara tolerate extreme loads and almost all panniers. 

    - For Wheel Size: 26" / 28"
    - Colour: Black
    - Material: Chromoly
    - Weight: 505g
    - Max Load: 15kg


    Tubus Cargo rear rack


    The CARGO forms a vibration free unit with bags from all well-known manufacturers without exception. Its variable attachment system makes an easy installation on nearly all frame geometry combinations. The middle strut makes a loop from one dropout to the other adding greatly to the structural strength. Viewed from the rear it makes a triangle with the hub which makes the rack extremely stiff. There is an integral light bracket on the rear that accepts not only most American style battery rear lights, but also European style generator lights, such as the Busch & Muller Dtoplight Plus.

    Material - 25CrMo4
    Weight - 640g
    Max Load - 40 kg


    N.B. these racks are only available to purchase when buying a Pamira bike and are not available for general purchase