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Ishbel (aka World Bike Girl) Currently cycling around the world on the Kibo

"I'm using the Kibo to cycle to some of the most remote destinations on the planet. It’s hand built in the UK from the strongest gauge of Reynolds 631 steel. This means it’s as strong as a 12 year old Malt but in equal measures is a superbly comfortable ride.

The Kibo absorbs the vibrations and bumps so my body doesn’t have to.  The wheels have proved themselves across South America  – 10,000 km and I haven’t broken a spoke!


Wow wow wow!  What a climber! The position it has me in is absolutely perfect.  It’s a machine.  Perfectly balanced for the panniers - keeps straight - powers on. 


Cycling all day every day with no discomfort is a BIGGY for me, I'm head over heels with this piece of steel."

"The Kibo is an incredible machine.  As a bicycle novice I needed something that could look after me and it never let me down despite the incredible beating I gave it, not to mention it remaining comfortable to ride for up to 8 hours a day for 10 months on often incredibly rough terrain"

Reece Gledhill

Cycled around the world on the Kibo in 2015 - 21,433 kilometres, 291 days, 21 countries 

Dave Briggs

Cycled across most continents. Currently riding a Skyelander and previously Greece to England on the Kibo+

The stand-out features for me are not just the components which go to make up the bike, but the general build quality itself. It's a bike built to last not just the next tour you have planned, but the dozen after that. And honestly, the best feature any steel touring bike can have? It doesn't give you any problems! That makes the Skyelander a winner for me!

"The Kibo is a well thought out, excellently designed bike that can just as easily take you around the world in comfort as it can to the shops and back. British built, steel framed, 26 inch wheeled touring bikes don’t get much better than this and as an expedition bike it offers incredible value for money” "

"The most robust touring bike around, I cycled across Europe on the Kibo on my Iron curtain expedition and didn't get a single puncture or mechanical, despite the thousands of miles cycled across rough terrain. It's also light for a touring bike so easy lift over obstacles"

Justine Gosling

Cycled The Iron Curtain on the Kibo+

"It boils down to simplicity and freedom. Hand crafted with high quality components but simple enough to fix anywhere, the Kibo is the perfect device for a major expedition. It’s a workhorse machine that can stand the rigor and abuse of carrying heavy loads over rough terrain for months on end. If I thought I had it in me, I wouldn’t hesitate taking the Kibo on another multi-year, human-powered circumnavigation!"

Explorer Jason Lewis

The first person to circumnavigate the globe by human power has been riding a Kibo for the last 2 years





"As an Adventure Bike the Kibo is hard to beat"


"The Stanforth Kibo is a thoroughly top-class 21st Century flat-bar adventure bike"


"Get onto paths, tracks and hard-pack trails, and the super-compliant steel frame comes into its own"









"Whatever the situation, it's a very comfortable bike to ride"


"Sturdy Rigida Sputnik rims on equally reliable Shimano Deore hubs offer a very strong set of wheels"








“If you’re disconsolate about Land Rover’s discontinuation of its Defender lin, take heart, you can always invest in what must be the ultimate two-wheeled version of it: Stanforth Bikes’ Kibo+.

The lugged Reynolds 631 frames are built for Stanforth Bikes by one of the UK’s most legendary frame builders, Lee Cooper”





“All together a unique machine. Despite its high-end spec, the Kibo is reasonably priced”






"A new British built cycle as home on the road as it is in a disused quarry"





“Hand built in the UK; the Kibo’s name is taken from the summit of the famous mountain which sparked the passion all those years ago”


“The Kibo meets the needs for expedition touring, as well as for everyday urban cycling to get your morning paper”


“It’s not your normal everyday bicycle, but here at Brooks we like that…”





"The frame coped easily with everything I lashed onto it, with more stiffness to spare, having an uncanny ability to be, at the same time, very comfortable and springy, yet responsive and never wayward, even when pedalling hard out of the saddle."

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