Bars: The bars are 620mm wide double butted alloy riser bars. The width provides more control on rough terrain than narrower bars. We also offer a range of other bars as upgrade options such as the Jones bar, a heat treated Nitto riser bar or the Nitto butterfly style bar. Bar options can be found here


Shifters: The SunRace thumb shifters are things of beauty, the finish is sublime. The left hand friction shifter controls the front chainwheel and the right hand indexing shifter smoothly transitions through the 11-34 cassette. All of our Kibo's are now fitted with downtube adjusters to tension the cables as required. We also have shifter upgrade options here. The Microshift SL-T09 are particularly good with the option of friction or index shifting of the rear derailleur.


The stem: We offer a choice of ahead (1 1/8" threadless steerer) and quill (for 1" threaded steerer).


The ahead is a Zenith hollow forged AL6061-T6 aluminium stem for 25.4mm diameter handlebars. We fit the 80mm as standard but we have a range of other lengths available, as well as a more angled ahead stem for higher bars.


Our standard quill stem is the Nitto FU82 riser stem made from cold forged aluminium. This Nitto quill stem has a beautiful finish, but it’s not just its looks. It has a 190mm range and can be easily adjusted depending on your type of riding. The horizontal length is 80mm. We can also offer the Zenith forged quill stem as an alternative to the riser in 60mm, 80mm or 100mm lengths.


Grips: The Kibo comes equipped with the Ergon biokork GP1's, a very comfortable grip for touring giving support to the hand and wrists whilst cycling.which are our recommended for expedition cycling.