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The Skyelander 700c comes fitted with Shimano Deore V-brakes


Shimano V-brakes have excellent stopping power, in our opinion the best rim brake. They're easy to maintain and adjust, with replacement pads available all around the world. We fit the Cane Creek drop bar levers which are a perfect match for the V brakes, and the most comfortable of all drop bar V levers we have used. With flat bars we fit the Deore T610 v-brake levers.

Cantilevers are also an option. Cantilevers tend to have higher mud/mudguard clearance versus their V brake counterparts, minimising clogging in sludgy conditions, but V-brakes have the better stopping power.

We can offer the Tektro CR720 as standard or the upgrade option is the Avid Shorty Ultimate - a more powerful cantilever brake. It's equipped with an in-line cable adjuster and a quick release. 

With cantilevers the brake levers we use are TRP RRL SR Alloy drilled. The hoods are flat and textured for enhanced comfort and grip.  A built-in push button quick release system provides cable slack for quick wheel removal or additional tire clearance when conditions get muddy.

We also have a disc version of the Skyelander - click here

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