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Dynamo hub upgrade for your Torro

Dynamo hub upgrade for your Torro


Your Torro will be fitted with a Bitex BX106 front thru-axle disc hub, but if you'd like to upgrade it to a dynamo hub, then we recommend the Son 28, the ultimate in reliablity.


N.B. These can only be purchased when buying a Stanforth Conway

  • The Schmidt SON 28 dynamo disc hub thru axle (32h)

    SON 28 is a hub dynamo universally approved for all wheel sizes from 16" to 29". The rated output is achieved in the 700c (622)-wheel at approx. 16 km/h (SONdelux at 19 km/h). Thus, SON 28 is recommended if a lot of light is required at low speed or when either devices are to be operated or their batteries charged.

    The new SON 28 is reminiscent of the SONdelux. Disc version are available as 6-hole and as center lock.

    Compared to the SON 28 klassik (model years 2000 to 2011), the power consumption when no load applied is reduced by approx. 15% and the weight by 140g.

    - For 12mm thru axle
    - For rotors with robust Centerlock Mounting.
    - For lots of light even at low riding speed
    - Also for various charging tasks using a charger
    - Weight: 440g
    - 6 Volts / 3 Watts conforming to German legal regulations
    - Includes connections for the headlight

    N.B. this is only available to purchase as an upgrade when buying a Stanforth Conway bike and not available for general purchase

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