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Rear racks for the Torro

Rear racks for the Torro


We have a few rear rack options for the Torro, with varying sizes and weights


N.B. this are only available to purchase when buying a Torro bike and not available for general purchase

  • Tubus Fly

    Lightweight rear carrier constructed from just two tubes. Perfect for fast touring or gravel rides.

    All Tubus carriers are hand-made from 10mm - 0.5mm wall thickness cold-drawn steel. This makes them lighter and yet stiffer than the equivalent aluminium rack. Steel is also far more fatigue-resistant than aluminium - the major cause of failure. And steel can be repaired if the need ever arises. The carriers are finished in tough epoxy powder coating, except for the stainless carriers, which are hand-polished

    Material - 25CrMo4

    Weight 325g
    Max Load 18Kg

    Tubus Vega

    The Vega is a low profile rear carrier. It represents a minimalist approach to carriers based on the design principles of the popular Logo model, but without the lower side-tubes. Perfect for daily use and weekend-trips. Its variable attachment system make for easy installation on nearly all frame geometry combinations.

    Material - 25CrMo4

    Weight: 510g
    Max Load: 25kg

    Tubus Logo rear rack

    Made for travelling: The upper luggage level is particularly narrow on the one hand, but still leaves plenty of space and support for a tent, mat and sleeping bag. Your bags hang one floor lower on the second railing, which lowers the center of gravity and improves driving stability

    For 27.5" wheel size it will be the 28" version and for 700c/29" we will fit the 29er Logo.

    Material - 25CrMo4
    Weight - 800g
    Max Load - 26 kg (tested with 40 kg)

    N.B. this racks is only available to purchase when buying a Pamira bike and is not available for general purchase

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