Think Randonneur, think Compass tyres, think brevet, think handlebar bag - this is the frame for that bike. But supremely well made.


This frameset has clearance for 42mm 650b tyres with mudguards or 48mm without mudguards. It was designed with Compass tyres in mind.

The Skyelander 650b has a choice of low trail or mid+ trail. If you're a true Jan Heine fan then it's the low trail option following his geometry suggestions - we will make the rake 66mm giving a particular low trail (c39mm) as per his recommendations, we can also fit a wide range of bosses for Compass centrepull brakes, Compass tail light etc - see the link here or email us 

We offer a range of tubing choices, Reynolds 631, Reynolds 853 or Compass Mule with Toei Special fork blades. 

We can offer either a threaded 1" steerer for a quill stem or 1 1/8" threadless steerer for an ahead stem. We now also offer a disc brake version, as well as a Skyelander 650b frame and fork for thru-axle and flat mount disc calipers - click here for more info.

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We're honoured and over the moon that a custom Skyelander 650b won the 2018 Cycling UK Touring Bike Choice award at the Bespoked UK Handbuilt Bike Show