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If you would like the highest quality touring bike then here is the right place.

The attention to detail is evident in every element of the bikes, from the design of your custom frame to the robustness of the powder coat to the care in the final assembly of the bike.

The design:

All of our frames are made bespoke for the customer, based on measurements supplied or data from the fitting. 

A drawing of the bike will be sent to the customer before it is built.

The tubing:

We use the best tubing for the job with no compromises, even having Reynolds create custom tubes for our bikes.

The frame build:

We have one of the most experienced frame builders in the country building all of our frames, Lee Cooper. He was building frames for my father’s bike company in the 1980’s and forty years later all of his experience and know-how are going into every single frame. 

Frame customisation:

Each frame is different based on the individual customer, and we can customise beyond geometry by including specific brae-ons if required, for example a pump peg, chain hanger etc

Powder coating:

We don’t just carry out a standard powder coat and then apply a decal, we first powder the frame and it goes in the oven, we then powder it again and it goes back in the oven for a second time, we then apply the decals and a clear powder lacquer over the whole frame and it goes back in the oven for a third time. This one example of our attention detail and extra effort which sets us apart from competitors. 

Touring expertise:

Bike touring is my passion and speciality which is why the range is 100% touring bikes. Having started bike touring myself when I was 15 years old I have a 35 years of first hand experience, that combined with a lifetime of working with bikes in my father's bike company including on the factory floor as a teen to the design, gives me the expertise needed to make the ultimate touring bikes for my customers


If you're interested in a Stanforth custom frame or complete bike please email us to discuss what you have in mind - click here or email to

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