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We only use proven touring specific Shimano components for our Kibo drivetrain - they’re durable, designed for touring with spare parts available around the world.
The excellent 10 speed Shimano T-551 triple 24-32-44 chainset combined with the Deore 11-36 cassette provide a great gearing range for all terrain and hills with loaded panniers. The gear range is a massive 617%  with 17 (1st gear) to 104 gear inches (30th gear).

The T551 is our favourite expedition chainset.  It's a touring specific chainset, denoted by the T. Shimano have developed their touring products specifically for durability and reliability. For example the middle ring which tends to be the workhorse ring, is a steel and glass fibre composite rather than just steel, this gives it extra strength and durability. The T551 24/32/44T is Shimano’s highest spec triple in this chainring configuration (T8000 for 26/36/48T as per the Skyelander)


We also use a high spec bottom bracket - the Shimano XT MT800.
The front Deore and rear Deore XT rear derailleurs deliver smooth and reliable shifting across the 30 gears. 

The shifting is through Microshift bar-end shifters, a friction shifter controls the front chainwheel and a 10 speed friction/index shifter controls the rear cassette. 

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