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We originally launched the Kibo with 26" wheels and this is still the most popular version of the Kibo, however we now also offer 27.5" or 700c/29", if that is your preferred option.

The Ryde Andra’s are renowned amongst bike expeditionists as the ultimate durable rim for heavy loads on various terrains. We have chosen the 36 hole for increased strength. They are no compromise rims.

Around-the-world cyclists biggest mechanical issue tends to be broken spokes under the weight of the rear load – that's why we use one of the strongest rims available to minimise the stress on the spokes - the Ryde Andra 30 or 40.

All of our wheels are handbuilt in Sussex. Wheels hand built by an experienced builder can significantly increase its strength versus those machine built. 

The hubs on the Kibo are Shimano Deore - Shimano’s touring hub which can be easily serviced anywhere in the world. As per the discontinued LX and XT rim brake hubs, the Deore uses a combination of contact and labyrinth sealing protecting the internal workings from mud and dirt.

The Deore hubs have a real benefit over other models such as XT in that the hub axle is steel and not aluminium - this has proved to be excellent under load and better than its aluminium counterpart.

All Shimano hubs use cup and cone type bearings. The real benefit to this type is that they can be easily be serviced and fixed anywhere in the world, which is why this is our preferred expedition hub.

We do offer hubs with cartridge bearings which require less servicing, however cartridge bearings can be tricky to get hold of in certain places. If you’d like to upgrade to these hubs click here

The standard tyre on the Kibo is the Marathon Plus Tour 26 x 2.0. The Marathon Mondial Evo folding 26 x 2.0 is great alternative option as an upgrade - it’s slightly faster rolling but maintains the strength with very robust sidewalls for loaded touring.

For heavier riders we would recommend the Andra 40 rim.

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