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We originally launched the Kibo with 26" wheels and this is still the most popular version of the Kibo, however if you would prefer 27.5" or 700c/29" then that is now also an option.

We use the Ryde Andra 30's or 40's on our Kibo Rohloff. Both are renowned amongst bike expeditionists as very durable rims for heavy loads on various terrains. Our preference on the Kibo Rohloff is the Andra due to their spoke holes being drilled on specific angles, putting less stress on the Rohloff hub shell. We have chosen the 36 hole for increased strength. We use particular spokes specified by Rohloff for the Speedhub along with specific lacing, as well as brass nipples (we use brass nipples on all of our wheels).


Around-the-world cyclist Alastair Humphreys' ( biggest mechanical issue was broken spokes under the weight of the rear load – a strong rim helps minimise the stress on the spokes, and the Ryde Andra 30 is one of the strongest out there.


All of our wheels are handbuilt in Sussex. Wheels hand built by an experienced builder can significantly increase its strength versus those machine built. The LX  hub is ideal due to the combination of their excellent sealing as well as the strong axle. The Rohloff hub has no comparison.

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