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All of our wheels are handbuilt by an experienced wheel builder.

Rims: The DT Swiss E512 disc rims are tough which is why we have chosen them. They are constructed in aluminium with an inner width of 25mm and outer of 30mm. We also offer Ryde Andra rims which are even tougher (Andra 321 & Andra 40 disc rims). The rims are available in both 27.5" and 700c/29er. If there is another rim you have in mind then let us know.

Hubs: The hubs we use on the Pamira are Shimano Deore XT - Shimano’s touring hub which can be easily serviced anywhere in the world. As per the Shimano non-disc hubs, they use a combination of contact and labyrinth sealing protecting the internal workings from mud and dirt. 

The bearings are double contact sealed with an internal grease sleeve to make sure the dirt and water doesn't get in, meaning longer lasting bearings that are constantly smooth. The bearings are cup and cone style, for durability, strength and smooth rotation and the cone bearing races have been Borozon treated for precision low-friction rolling capabilities. 

We’re big fans of the 36h hole M756 XT disc hub because of steel axle, it is proven to perform better for the expedition cyclist carrying a heavy load. These hubs have a standard six bolt rotor fitting. The XT M8000 32 hole is also available.

The front hub we most often fit however is the Son 28 dynamo hub upgrade. The drag is minimal and the bearings excellent. 

Tyres: There are a range of standard options. These include Schwalbe Nobby Nic 27.5” x 2.35”, Schwalbe Marathon Almotion 27.5” x 2.15” rigid, Schwalbe Marathon 700c/29” x 2.0”, Schwalbe Energizer Plus 700c/29” x 2.0”.

The tyre we fit most often to the Pamira is the Marathon Mondial Evo 27.5" x 2.0” upgrade. Other tyre upgrade options include the 700c/29” version of the Marathon Mondial Evo and the Evo folding version of the Marathon Almotion in either the 27.5” or 700c/29”

All of our wheels are handbuilt in Sussex. Wheels hand built by an experienced builder can significantly increase its strength versus those machine built. 

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