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Bars: Our standard spec is the Geoff Loop bar, although other bars are available 

The Geoff Loop bar has a 45 degree of sweep and a 720mm width for good the control with a load on rough terrain. 

The Geoff Loop bar gives the extra hand positions or space for lights and gadgets, as well as a long grip area of 215mm. 

We do also have other options including a 30mm riser bar 610mm wide which we use on the Kibo, Ritchey bars with  27.5° sweep, or you could upgrade upgrade to the Denham bar - email us to discuss these.

Shifters: We've tested a number of different Rohloff shifters and our preferred choice is Rohloff's own twist shifter. It's comfortable, it's grippy in the wet and works perfectly.

The stem: We use an anodized black 3D forged stem with a 31.8mm bar bore for the Geoff bars. 

Grips: A choice of ESI Chunky or Ergon GC1 Rohloff specific grips.

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