Bars: The Skyelander 700c comes with the super strong and stiff heat treated Nitto Dirt Drop RM-013 touring bars. We can fit flat bars if preferred.

"The slightly flared handlebar is a good match for the bike, providing surer steering than a narrow road drop handlebar on country lanes
awash with mud"
- Dan Joyce, editor of Cycle (Cycling UK)

Shifters: Shifting is via Microshift bar-end shifters which are highly durable and reliable. Friction controls the front chainwheel and a choice of indexed or friction control the rear cassette, it takes a matter of seconds to switch from one to the other.

Levers: see Skyelander 700c brakes

The stem: We offer both ahead and quill.

The ahead is a Zenith hollow forged AL6061-T6 aluminium stem for 26.0 mm diameter handlebar clamp. We fit the 80mm as standard but we have a range of other lengths on request.

Our standard quill stem is the Nitto Technomic Deluxe Tallux. The horizontal length is 80mm but 100mm and 110mm are also available on request. Due to the extent of the rise we tend to fit a shorter Zenith quill on smaller frames.

Tape: I've never used such comfortable tape as this - it's Profile Design cushioned Drive bar tape in black