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The tried and tested Shimano Deore XT provides the engine for the Skyelander.


The 10 speed Deore XT T8000  triple 26-36-48 chainset combined with the Deore 11-36 cassette provide a great gearing range for all terrain, and all hills with loaded panniers. This provides a 607% gear range with 19.6 gear inches from 1st gear and 119 inches in 27th. The 'T' in T8000 denotes the fact that this chainset has been specifically designed for touring versus M which are MTB by design.

We also use a high spec bottom bracket - the Shimano XT MT800.


The front and rear XT T8000 derailleurs deliver smooth and reliable shifting across the 30 gears.

The shifting is through Microshift bar-end shifters, a friction shifter controls the front derailleur and a friction/index shifter controls the 10 speed rear. The Microshift thumbshifters are fitted if you're opting for a flat bar.

The HG-95 chain is excellent for touring - it features SIL-TEC - Shimano's ultra-low friction surface treatment. It's superior to simple coating, as it uses an advanced plating process that improves system performance through the use of imbedded fluorine particles. It enables the chain to run smoother and wear longer in all conditions.

The Rohloff Speedhub is also an option with both flat or drop bars, click here for the Skyelander Rohloff gallery or email us if this is of interest.

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