The tried and tested Shimano Deore XT provides the engine for the Kibo.


The Deore XT triple 26-36-48 chainset combined with the Deore 11-34 cassette provide a great gearing range for all terrain, and all hills with loaded panniers. This provides a 574% gear range with 20.7 gear inches from 1st gear and 119 inches in 27th.

"The drivetrain is the classic touring mix of a sensibly-sized triple chainset (48-36-26) and an 11-34 9-speed cassette." Cycling UK


The front Deore and rear Deore XT derailleurs deliver smooth and reliable shifting across the 27 gears.

The shifting is through Dura Ace bar-end shifters, a friction shifter controls the front chainwheel and a friction/index shifter controls the 9 speed rear cassette.

If an STI road set up is preferred for faster touring and higher gearing then drop us a line to discuss your custom build Skyelander.

The Rohloff Speedhub is also an option with both flat or drop bars, click here or email us if this is of interest.